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Q:When the camera shoots 4K, the ZOlink shows NO VIDEO or the output only displayed a part.
Check the ZOlink version information, you need to update the ZOlink to the latest version.
Check whether the camera output is a standard 1080 signal. ZOlink ser
Q: Canon camera appears HDMI disconnect signal by pressing the menu button
Check the ZOlink version information, you need to update the version to the latest version.
Check if the Canon camera turns on the HDMI mirror. If the HDMI sign
Q:Sound picture delay
Check the ZOlink version information, you need to update to the latest version.
If there is a delay in the sound picture, the ZOlink transmitter and receiver ne
Q:Can't find the password to connect APP
Check the ZOlink version information. You need to update to the latest version.
If the customer cannot find the password of the ZOlink transmitter for APP conne
Q:Unable to connect
Check the Atom version information. You need to update it to the latest version.
Change transmitter frequency.
Perform manual pairing.
Q:The monitor display is abnormal (the color is not correct)
1.Check if the SDI / HDMI cable is loose or damaged (requires replacement test).
2.Check whether the monitor parameters are normal (recommend to restore the fac
Q:Receiver signal is weak/unstable/mosaic / monitor screen flash
1. Check if the image transmission is placed in the correct way.
2. Check whether the SDI / HDMI cable is good (need to replace the SDI / HDMI cable to test).
Q:No signal / no picture at the receiving end
1. Check whether the frequency points of the receiving and transmitting ends is the same.
2. Check if there is signal input at the TX of the transmitter (whethe
Q:No picture on the receiving (not even Shimbol LOGO is displayed)
Check whether the receiving end is normally turned on.
Check whether the SDI / HDMI cable is damaged and the connection is correct (whether the big/small monito
Q:Cannot turn on transmitter and receiver
1. Check whether the power connection is correct and whether the connected cable is damaged (check whether the cable or interface is damaged).

2. Check whethe
Q: What are the resolution and frame rate limitations? Can it transmit 4K?
ZOlink supports all standard frame rates and resolutions from 1080p60 and below, but not 4k or higher.
Q:What are the maximum range for Shimbol?
Shimbol ZOlink series TX and RX can connect to each other to the following maximum distance (subjects to environmental conditions and other sources of interfere
Q: Will it convert from SDI input to HDMI output using a ZOlink600/ZO 600S TX and RX?
Yes, you can have HDMI input converted to SDI output, or SDI input converted to HDMI output.
This feature is built-in, and the conversion will proceed automatic
Q:How many ZOlink receivers can be paired with each transmitter?
Currently you only can pair to one TX with one RX. Subsequent products will be upgraded to support.
Q:Can a ZOlink receiver be paired with multiple transmitters simultaneously? 是否支持多发一收
You only can pair to one TX with one RX.
Q:What is the minimum physical distance when pairing Shimbol kit?
Please make sure the distance between the TX and RX is at least 100cm so they can pair up.
Q:Poor output video quality
Check if SDI/HDMI input or output cable is plugged well. Checks how many receiver side “RSSI” led are lit, there should be 2-3 RSSIleds lit if the
Q:Do Shimbol Products Support DFS?
ZO600S and ZO500 support DFS, but ZOlink 600 not support DFS.
Q:What is the aftersales service policy?
Our goal is to ensure your complele satisfaction. We offer one year aftersales service to customer, if your any product quality problem, you can contact the dea
Q:The monitor has no video while receiver and transmitter link, what is it?
Please change to another channel. It is normally because there are other wireless signal interference. Switch the channel can avoid the interference.
Q:The ZOlink seires is disconnected after a while, or the video stagnation, how to solve it?
It is normally because there are other interference in the filed, Please try to change to another channel.
Q:What is the delay of ZOlink series?
ZOlink series products have a delay of about 100ms.
Q:How to power the transmitter and receiver of ZOlink wireless system?
Both the transmitter and receiver can be powered by SONY F550 / F750 / F970 batteries;
You can also use the power bank to supply power through the Type-C data c